milagros galiano

dance, choreography, formation
Collaboration for BUZÓN DE BAILE
Radio3 extra RTVE


During a long period locked up at home, I start a series of conversations with my mother, in which she recalls disorderly passages from her life. Little by little a link is established between his word and my movement, resulting in a choreographically document about roots and past.


Idea / Choreography: Milagros Galiano Rodríguez

Voice: Elena Rodríguez Martínez


Photo: Moroni & Toledo


The girl who fell into the well 

Street dance version especially created for "Danza en el Camino de Santiago" (CICBUNY 2020). 



Church of Castrojeriz (Burgos), San Zoilo, Carrión de los Condes, (Palencia), Church La Peregrina, Sahagún (León). 


She is especially interested in women`s role in society, with impact in all her work. A result of her research is the talk : "The image of women in the dance context" in Casa de Vacas, Retiro's park Madrid, May 2018.