galiano miracles

Madrid, 1975.

She starts her career as a kid, taking part in Rythmic Gymnastic competitions. Runner-up Spain national championships in 1987.

Afterwards, she studies Ballet and gets her degree by The Royal Conservatory of the Dance of The Hague (Holland).

In 1999 she starts as a dancer in Víctor Ullate 's Dance Company, where she stays for 2 years (Spain).

In 2001  she finishes her degree as Physical Education Teacher (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

Little after she finds in Contemporary Dance her way to develop her work. She studies with great choreographers as La Ribot, Mathilde Monnier, Guillermo Weickert, Rob Tannion, Jorge Crecis, Fabian Thomé, Volmir Cordeiro, Chevi Muraday, Christine Tanguay. With Nicolás Rambaud she starts dancing in the company La Megaló-Teatro Móvil. They perform the duet "Sobretensión" International Day of Dance Álbeniz Theatre 2004.  

After giving birth in 2006 she comes back to work as a dancer in CaraBdanza Co. 

She sets up her own company 4gatosBaixochan in 2009, with Irene Sequeiros.

They take part in Festival Internazionale Nuova Danza FIND31 in Sardinia with their show PASODOBLE.  They bring the piece  on tour in and out of Spain.

She is the President of the Jury in the International Videodance Contest BREAKING8, inside the program of FIND 31.

As a programmer she directed The V International Dance Festival "MIRADAS AL CUERPO 2012"  in Madrid.

In an effort to open up her idea of dance she starts creating video-art.  

Her video "HOMENAHE" is selected for "Me, Myself and I"  Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid 2015.

Her video "The Fury S." is selected for the IV edition Internatinal Video Dance Festival Palma 2016.

She has been creating and producing her own works for 10 years under her own name. Her solo for street with live music "The Resistent"  XVII Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos-Nueva York 2018 won the special award from the Organisation. With it she takes part in the 20th anniversary of TAC  International Festival of Street Arts and Theatre of Valladolid in 2019.

Her last work  "WITCH!" speaks about gender and it is premiered in SURGEMADRID Festival 2019 in MIRADOR Theatre with warm reviews by the public.

WITCH! is also awarded with a scholarship in EMPRENDESCENA 2019 Factoría Cultural/Matadero Madrid.

WITCH! is the Project selected to represent Madrid around Spain as part of Proyecto Circula 2019. It will be showed in Maestranza Theatre of Seville, November 2019.

She is especially interested in the role of women in the society; this has an impact on all her work. As a result of her research she gives the Talk "The Image of women in the Dance Context" "Casa de Vacas"  Retiro,'s Park  May 2018.

Currently she teaches dance in BAMBÚDANZA  and she is teacher in ESTUDIO's School Madrid.