International Dance Day 2020

Celebrating  The International  Dance Day 2020,  we have released  a collaboration between Madrid -Hamburg .

Dance at home. Confinement. COVID19  Crisis.

Idea & choreography:

Irene Sequeiros & Milagros Galiano

Sleepless night 2019

Sleepless night speaks about insomnia from a dancer’s point of view:

My first night in London

My first night after my separation

Any summer night in Madrid…


Directed and performed by Milagros Galiano.

You Should Stop One Day 2019

To reach a place that you do not know.

This video dance explores the feeling of exhaustion.

Directed by DOMESTIKA

Choreography and performance: Milagros Galiano.

HOMAGE   2015

This work starts as a tribute to my roots and my land, and it develops at the same time that I walk through unknown landscapes that feed me, full of beloved people.

Selected for "Me Myself & I" Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid. 2015

Direction and performance: Milagros Galiano

Thanks to: Irene Sequeiros, Giuseppe Affinito, Alberto Arca and families Sequeiros/Rodriguez.

AGE S 2018

Work in progress. Dark and repetitive. It reflects the attitude towards the passing of time of a woman who lives on her body.

Camera: Jesús Robisco

Music: Román Cano  "Improptus" Shubert.
Direction, Choreography and performance: Milagros Galiano.

Thanks to: Jesús Robisco, Encarna Díaz, LaNau and Culturaneas Association

MEAT      2017

Desire, heart, loneliness 

Hunger, sex... need.



This work expresses the instinctive need of the human being to feel accompanied.

Direction, performing: Milagros Galiano.

The FURY S.    2016


The catharsis of the scourge.

To the mothers.

Because anybody can express fury like them

For their sins to be redempted...

With love, to my mother.

Selected for III Certamen Internacional de Videodanza de Palma, 2016.

Cohreography, direction, dancer: Milagros Galiano.

Music: Tool "Part of me"

BEACH         2015

Xávia, friends, Pepito's boat, dancing the sea.

Second videodance project  made with, among and for friends 


Directed by Milagros Galiano.

Thanks to: Jana Royo and Elena García

KISSES    2015

KISSES is the first video dance project by Milagros Galiano.

Made by, with, for and among friends. Because we should kiss ourselves more often.


Thanks to: Fernando Alfaro, Nuria, Elena and Idoia.